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Grain Marketing Services

Our team is dedicated to offering personalized, data-driven market advisory and risk management services to help you maximize the value of your crops.


A technology platform and powerful crop marketing tool that supports your agricultural business decisions.

Insights & Advisors

The insights you need to make knowledgeable decisions developed  by agricultural economists and leveraged by Advisors delivering customized marketing solutions for your farm.

Premium Programs

Innovative marketing programs rewarding Farmers for implementing and utilizing regenerative farming practices, developed by partnering with organizations in the food and agriculture ecosystems.

Our Data Protection Commitment

Farmers Business Network is an independent, unbiased and objective farmer-driven information source powered largely by the data contributions of our members. And we know our most important job is protecting your data. But what we love to do is giving it back to you – with a lot of something extra.


An Integrated Technology Platform

More powerful than your spreadsheet and built specifically to help you be more knowledgeable about the variables impacting their business by integrating data from buyers, brokerages, exchanges, and enriching that experience with a proprietary data warehouse of over 150 million grain bids spanning back to 1998 – and growing by 50,000 bids every day. Add your farm’s data to generate a customized view of the market, specific to your operations.